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Divorce Attorney in Mount Pleasant, MI

Mount Pleasant, MI, divorce law assistance is available at Galloway Legal Services, PLLC. Divorce is an unpleasant process, and you can count on us to help with details that will affect you for a potentially long time. We stay current on child support and alimony law, and we can work on your behalf to protect you from unsettling decisions.

Our compassion for your feelings in this upsetting time may help you focus on your needs for the future. Parental rights, support payments, and visitation are often complicated divorce issues, and you may need support from local representation to get a fair outcome. Our legal services can help with relocation and custody as well.At Galloway Legal Services, PLLC, we:

  • Have been practicing law for more than 18 years
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  • Are members of the Isabella County Bar

Association Galloway Legal Services, PLLC can help with Mount Pleasant, MI, divorce law concerns and offer personal attention on every case. Call us today and get help with your divorce.