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Military Lawyer in Mount Pleasant, MI

Are you facing a legal battle pertaining to military law? You shouldn’t go it alone. A negative outcome in your military case could result in the loss of your job, your retirement, your housing, your medical benefits, and in some cases, even your freedom. So if you need help with a military law matter, come to Galloway Legal Services, PLLC.

The Representation You Need

Military law is quite different than civilian law, so if you’re involved in a military matter, it’s important to choose a legal professional with the right knowledge and background. Galloway Legal Services, PLLC is available to handle your military law battle with compassion and integrity. And no matter the issue, Galloway Legal Services, PLLC pledges to treat you with the respect you deserve every step of the way.

Don’t take chances. If you’re involved in a military law case, turn to Galloway Legal Services, PLLC for help. Call now for further information or to schedule a consultation.